Can I bring my backpack or duffel bag into the theatre? 
We ask guests to store their backpacks, shopping bags or any bag (other than a typical size purse) in their vehicle and not bring it into our theatres. We can also hold bags in a secure location if storing them in a vehicle is impossible. Backpacks, duffel bags and other bags can make guests feel uneasy in this day and age. We also reserve the right to search any bag, including purses. 

I have a concealed weapon/open carry permit, will I be permitted to carry a firearm in your theatre? 
Open carry and/or concealed firearms are not allowed on our private property (in accordance with Michigan Law MCL 750.552) unless a guest is a certified law enforcement officer, able to provide valid police identification and badge. All others must secure their weapon in their vehicle.

Late Admittance Policy

Please, for the enjoyment of all guests, we ask all patrons to arrive to their movie on time. Due to numerous noise complaints and interruptions, Ticket sales and admittance will not be allowed after 10 minutes of the published show time. This includes online sales.